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It's a DREAM come true! The Water Purifier you’ve been Dream-ing for is here! 


Powered by LG, Happie’s Dream Water Purifier is equipped with exciting new features that are never seen before in the market.

* for commercial use only

Features Overview

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Filter Sterilisation

Effectively sterilises the harmful bacterias by using low-level UV light diode sterilisation technology four times a day. 

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15 Temperature Control

Experience ice cold, ambient and hot water with a wide range of temperatures available at a touch:


Hot Water

100°C, 85°C, 80°C, 75°C, 70°C,

65°C, 60°C, 55°C, 50°C, 45°C


Ambient Water



Ice Cold Water

10°C, 8°C, 6°C, 4°C

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20 Water Volume

120ml for easy drinking, 250ml for a generous cup and up to 1000ml for added convenience when cooking


Small and Compact

WxDxH: 18cm x 39cm (29) x 39cm


Sleep Mode

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During off peak hours 10PM - 6AM, the display
LED brightness 
is automatically reduced when not in use

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Sterilisation Time Control

The option to set Dream's sterilisation timing to your convenience  

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Hot and Volume Memory

It is convenient to use when rewatering with the selectable capacity memory function
and quick memory function, without having to set it up each time you use it.

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