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Happie is bringing JOY to you!

With the world's first STEALTH technology, Happie's Joy Water Purifier provides clean and safe drinking water for you and your loved ones instantly.

Joy Water Purifier

Available Colours
  • Patented STEALTH Electrolysis Technology

    All water channels as well as filters are washed and sterilised closely with electrolysis sterilising water.

    Filter Sterilisation

    It sterilises even the insides of the filter and removes bacteria, chlorine, matters, metal, micro-organisms, trihalomethane, rust and viruses.

    The STEALTH Electrolysis Technology increases the lifespan of the filters, ensuring clean and fast water flow.

    6 Temperature Controls

    Experience ice cold water & your ideal hot temperature
    with 6 different water temperatures:

    Hot water

    Ice cold (2 Levels)
    Up to 4°C


    Compact, Elegant & Silm

    The compact, elegant and simple design is completed with the highlighted display and touch buttons to enhance visibility and usability.

    LxWxH (51cm x 16cm x 41cm)

    Bring Happie's Joy into your homes and spaces smoothly and fuss-free.

    LED Display Panel

    Intuitive display of Time, Dispensing volume, Sterilisation Setting, Child Safety Lock and Voice Guide. The built-in touch sensor buttons are designed for the effortless and convenient use of Happie's Joy.

    User Friendly Voice Guide

    Prompt on current status and functions.
    Voice guide prompts:
    Cold water: "Cold water temperature settings"
    Hot water: "Hot water temperature settings"
    Ambient water: "Ambient water mode has been set."

    Child Safety Lock

    Prevent your little ones from accidents. 

    Hold down 'LOCK' touch button for 5 seconds to lock/unlock the LED touch button panel.

    Energy Saving

    Electricity bills less than $1/Month. 
    Auto standby mode on when not in use.

    Hydrate more and save more with Happie's Joy!

    3 Water Volumes

    Pick of your desired water volume available on Happie's Joy:
    100ml, 500ml & Continuous

    Lights up when volume is selected.

    Adjustable Faucet

    Rust Free Stainless Steel Pipe
    Providing you with the convenience you need, allowing you to adjust to the height of your choice. Rest assured for a mess-free water dispense.

    Suitable for cups and bottles of all sizes.

    Auto Sterilisation

    To enhance hygiene management, Auto Sterilisation will happen every 7 days. Set your preferred time settings for Auto Sterilisation or Manual Sterilisation.

    Flip & Click

    Easy filter replacement with Happie's
    Flip & Click system.


    Here are 4 Simple steps to replace the filters:


    Step 1: Flip up the lever of the filter

    Step 2: Remove the filter

    Step 3: Insert a new filter

    Step 4: Lower down the lever of the filter until it 'clicks'

    *Do ensure not to swap the positions of the two filters.

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