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Our 4-Stage Alkaline Undersink Filtration System is a superior water filter that's sure to leave you feeling healthy and satisfied! Drinking or cooking with filtered water from your own sink couldn't be any easier! 

Undersink Energy Water Filtration System

S$888.00 Regular Price
S$460.00Sale Price

    4 Stage Filtration System

    Stage 1 (Sediment Filter)

    It maximises the water purification effect from initial stage by completely removing all sediments including rust, dirt, sand and microscopic impurities.

    Stage 2 (Pre Carbon Filter)

    This carbon filter uses granular activated carbon that makes water close to natural by absorbing and removing organic chemical such as chlorine contents and odour.

    Stage 3 (Ultra Filtration Filter)

    This microscopic ultrafiltration filter allow the passage of only clean water containing mineral contents after removing 99.9% of the bacteria, germs and virus in the water.

    Stage 4 (Nano pH Filter)

    This natural alkaline filter increases hydrogen ion concentration & provide water of lower oxidation reduction potential. It also decreases the size of water molecule clusters for better hydration and detoxification.

  • Watch our Undersink Energy Water Filtration System Installation Guide on Youtube

    Installation Options 

    1) Under-the-sink (Drilling Required) 

    2) Diverter Valve Tubing (Non-Drilling) 

    3) Link to existing mixer tap (Non-Drilling) 

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