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Experience the ultimate in water purification with the innovative JOY Water Purifier by Happie.

With STEALTH technology, it quickly and efficiently delivers unparalleled filtration, ensuring the health and happiness of your family. Leverage clean, safe drinking water for yourself and your family Our advanced filtration system ensures rapid purification, providing peace of mind with every sip. 

Trust in Happie's commitment to innovation and quality for a healthier lifestyle.

Features Overview

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STEALTH Electrolysis Technology

All water channels as well as filters are washed and sterilised closely with electrolysis sterilising water.

JOY_Filtration Breakdown_edited.png

Advanced Sterilization

Utilizing STEALTH Electrolysis Technology, our purifier sterilizes all water channels and filters, eliminating bacteria, chlorine, metals, microorganisms, and more, ensuring utmost purity.

Joy_6 Temp Controls_Black.png

Temperature Controls

6 Temperature Controls

Tailor your drinking experience with 6 temperature options, including hot, cold, and ambient settings to suit your preferences.

Hot water

Ice cold (2 Levels)
Up to 4°C


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Compact & Elegant Design

JOY boasts a sleek and compact design with a highlighted display and touch buttons for easy visibility and usability, seamlessly integrating into any space.


LED Display Panel

Stay informed with an intuitive LED display panel showcasing time, dispensing volume, sterilization settings, and a child safety lock, all accessible with touch sensor buttons.

Voice Guide_edited.png

User-Friendly Voice Guide

Receive real-time status updates and function prompts with the convenient voice guide feature, ensuring effortless operation.

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Enhanced Safety Features

Keep your little ones safe with the child safety lock, preventing accidents with a simple touch-and-hold mechanism.

Joy_Energy Saving_Black.png

Energy Conserving

Monthly electricity bills of less than $1. 
When not in use, turn on auto standby mode. 

Use Happie's Joy to save more money and stay hydrated!


Customizable Dispensing

Choose from 3 water volumes – 100ml, 500ml, or continuous – tailored to your hydration needs, with illuminated indicators for added convenience.

Joy_Water Level_Black.png
Large Bottle.png
Joy_Adj. Faucet_Black.png

Adjustable Faucet

The rust-free stainless-steel pipe and adjustable faucet cater to your convenience, accommodating cups and bottles of all sizes for mess-free dispensing.

Joy_Auto Steril._Black.png

Auto Sterilization

Maintain hygiene effortlessly with auto sterilization occurring every 7 days, with customizable time settings for added convenience.

Joy_Filter replacement_Black.png

Easy Filter Replacement

Easy Filter Replacement

Simplify filter replacement with the Flip & Click system,

ensuring hassle-free maintenance with just four easy steps.

To replace the filters, follow these 4 easy steps:

Step 1: Lift the filter's lever.
Step 2: Take the filter out.
Step 3: Replace the filter.
Step 4: Lower the filter's lever until it "clicks."

*Be aware not to switch the two filters' positions.

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